Well then join this online paid surveys program.

What is Paid Surveys and How can you earn money from it?
Surveys are simple Questions and Answers or forms .You will get the surveys by email. It will take just 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey. For Each and Every survey you complete, you will get money. You can even do this work from your home. Companies need your opinions to understand how to reach their customers. Because of this, companies are willing to pay people like you very good money.

How Much Can you Earn ?
For each survey you can get from Rs 100 to Rs 500 .

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Surveys/Day Earning/survey Earnings/Day Earnings/Month
1 Rs.500 Rs.500 Rs.15000
Taking online surveys in your spare time is a great way to make some extra money and you can even do it in your part time. Our members participate in hundreds of FREE MONEY surveys and opportunities without any investment – Join us with a Free Paid Surveys membership and start your online jobs immediately. Since it is the no investment work, we can’t able to provide job for all members. We will allot the jobs only for efficient members. However we will send good home based work resources to all members.

When will you get the payment and what is the mode of payment?
You will be paid on or around 15th of every month for the previous month earnings. You will be paid only if your earnings is equal to or more than Rs.5000 per month. If it is less than Rs.5000 for a particular month, then the amount will be added to the next month earnings. We will pay you by check.

Is there any other way to earn more money?
Yes. Apart from survey jobs we do refer some good companies providing data entry jobs, ad posting jobs, email reading jobs and content writing jobs. All this work involves with investment and without investments. Members needs to select the required jobs as per their convenience.

How can I get all this jobs?
As we said we are providing information about other jobs like freelance jobs, form filling jobs and other available internet jobs. To avail all this you need join our website without any registration fees.

How to join?
Thank you for your interest in this part time job. Fill the form below to join and start making money in next 60 seconds. All the best !

Our Membership, it’s always FREE. Here’s how it works
1. Create your free account
2. Take quick and fun paid online surveys
3. Receive cash, prizes and free products!



The surveys are from the fields of science and market research. Researchers and companies are interested in hearing your opinion so that they can further develop their products and services.

After you have registered, we invite you to take part in online surveys by email. In the invitation email you will find a link to the questionnaire along with a brief description of the survey topic. The survey begins as soon as you click on the link: you will be asked questions that you can then answer by simply clicking on an option or entering text.

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Your answers will be made anonymous for the evaluation procedure, meaning that your privacy is safe at all times. The personal information you supply us with is used only to select you as a survey participant. We will not pass on this information to third parties.

We will credit the money you earn in the survey to your member account. You can redeem it hassle-free via PayPal.


Our promises to you:
We will always tell you how long a survey lasts and how much we will pay you for it before you begin.
We protect your privacy 100 percent.
You will be able to earn money by taking part in interesting surveys while making a contribution towards science and market research
Your promise to us:
You will be truthful when providing details about yourself and answer the survey to the best of your knowledge and belief.